13 April 2014

Steve's Escort

This in from Steve at Stiffspeed , one of YrHmblHst's favourite tumblr sites. And yes sir, we have all been there...   :)

"My first car. Hmm. Tricky one that as I bought one before I got my license. At 17, all eagerness and best intentions take priority over sensibility and peer advice (we've all been there, you know the story).
 Anyway it was around 1985 and my uncle was all for it as he needed use of a car but couldn't afford one so by me getting one to 'hot up' in readiness for my license worked for both of us.  I wondered at the time why he was so intent on an auto but later found out he passed his test in an auto so wasn't allowed to drive stick shift. (In the UK, pretty much everyone takes the test in a manual and that covers you for both. It's pretty stringent and takes around half an hour) We spotted one in the local ads that fitted the bill. It was an early '70's Mk1 Ford Escort auto. We went to view it. It was brown. And not a nice brown either. With a blood red bonnet (hood). And it was slow. Extremely slow. But it was cheap. My wages at the time were around £25 per week and the car was £250. It was pretty much the only thing I could afford and the colour didn't matter too much as I was an apprentice paint sprayer for a local dealership.

18 March 2014

Kenny's Plymouth

"I was a real car guy as a kid. I read about cars, I drew cars, I played with cars. I lived to have one of my own. As I was approaching my 16th birthday, naturally all I could talk about was cars. I would scan the want ads in the Sunday paper, pointing out the cool cars that I thought I might be able to afford. My parents would just smile, sometimes say something like "We'll see. or "wouldn't that be nice" or something like that and then smile at each other. Then of course, the lecture about responsibilities, costs and the need for a job would be next. But somehow, I secretly thought that their knowing smiles meant something.
Regrettably, it did.

27 February 2014

One Owner Mustang

My buddy Jesse over at Just A Car Guy sent this over to me. Now, we don't know if this is actually her first car or not, because, did he think to ask such an important question or give her this website? Nooooo.... In all fairness though, he was pretty blown away, and she was in kind of a hurry.  But this is simply too cool  not to share.

"Plug your ears, close your mouth, and pinch your nose man.... this might blow your mind...
As I was pulling into the post office parking lot at the Grossmont shopping center a couple of days ago, I spied this nice looking old Mustang parked the next row over. Well, being 'Just A Car Guy' , I naturally began walking towards it. I then noticed a woman angling towards it herself . As I got closer, she opened the door to the car, so I swooped in, naturally amazed that a woman in her 60's was driving a non air conditioned vintage Mustang in the middle of the week in San Diego with the mercury reaching the mid 80s. So I ask her about it and I am absolutely astounded!

09 December 2013

Growing Up In Petty Country - Valerie's Chevrolet(s)

Valerie Garner, Owner/Publisher of the Roanoke Free Press, shares this story of her first, and her favourite, car. Great story, pretty girl, cool car - what more could you ask for?!?   :)

"As a child of the 60s in a conservative small town in North Carolina, I missed out on the flower child experiences of big-town living. My non-conforming years,   much to my parents’ chagrin, revolved around
“hot cars“ and “hot guys.” What did they expect with Richard Petty living just down the road in Level Cross?”
If you were not a guy with a hot car then you wouldn’t get the time of day from me. I missed out on some great guys that way but hey, what did I know then – everything, I thought.

02 December 2013

Brittany's Lincoln

My first car was a 1991 Lincoln Town Car.
I hated it.
I was NOT sorry when the guy at the oil change place forgot to tighten the drain plug.
This is a picture of it when my parents bought it new, 10 years before I inherited it.
I took no photos of it myself.

31 October 2013

Driller's Mustang

This just in from John over at Driller's Place. Really appreciate his chiming in here ; he has been kind enough to comment several times over on Restless Ribbon. Be sure and check his blog for some great photography and inspiration...

"I acquired my initial driving skills in a '38 Chevy 2 dr sedan at the Tulsa Fair Grounds in 1961-62.  It was a straight six with a three speed in the floor.  Soon after I got my license dad bought a '54 Buick Century Special 2dr.  He figured that if I did have a wreck, whoever hit me would regret it.  That Buick was little more than a WWII surplus tank with a chromed cow-catcher from a steam locomotive for a grille...but it was fun to drive.  Since dad worked evening shifts, we shared the Buick most of the time.  It wasn't until I came home from Viet Nam in 1968 that I bought my first car that was all my own.  It was a metallic blue '67 Mustang hardtop with a 302 and "four on the floor".  I honestly don't believe any photos of that car are available.  I painted the rims a metallic silver, then added chrome glamor rings and baby moons.  I loved that Mustang...until I traded it for a 1971, fire-engine red, Datsun 240Z.  That's right, a first generation Z-car.  To this day that little Z is my all time favorite ride." 

18 September 2013

Justin's Nova

"Here's a picture of my Nova when my dad brought it home. Its all apart now, but I'm working on that!